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one breath at a time

by The Hill Toppers

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what remains 03:53
what have I been throughout my life other than a miserable beast and what nameless other singled me out to sit down and join at the feast this quality’s not human as far as I can tell its much too noble and pure despite my greed and selfish desire this quality endures what remains, what is constant what prevails, and endures what sustains, to this instant what remains, in me, is yours in spring what remains is winter’s chill in summer, spring’s first bloom in autumn, summer’s golden light in winter, autumn’s perfume what remains… and what is there left to wake to each day what reason to carry on when all that’s familiar is taken away what remains after you’re gone what remains… words & music by George Bacon 2001 Cottage Pie Music(BMI)
I’m not the man I used to be I’m getting used to that my hair’s mostly gone so I mostly wear a hat I’m old and in the way slow on my feet still there’s always room for me on the shady.... I might be from the night like many girls and boys the bright lights are not for me they make too much noise but shade isn’t darkness there’s light enough to see a softer view of everything on the shady.... in springtime that sun’s welcome warm and right on time when it gets too hot to bear is when I make a beeline for the shady.... ......side of the street where staying cool’s a breeze you don’t get hot or bothered move along at a comfortable speed stop and talk to the trees that shield you from the heat thank them for the sweet relief on the shady.... I want to hang loose no schedule to meet I have no reputation that I might want to keep am I a shady character you know I might well be what goes on will have its way on the shady.... in the white light of noon the brightness makes us blind we squint and try to make things out and can’t make up our minds.. on the shady side of the street people take their time happy exactly where they are be it flat or a hill climb nothing to escape from, nowhere else to be living life one breath at a time on the shady... that’s where you’ll find me when that old sun comes beating down that’s where you’ll find me on the shady side of the street got it made, in the shade first grade, see you la-ater on the shady side of the street words & music by George Bacon 2022 Cottage Pie Music(BMI)
to the brow of the hill, I keep on going that I never quite reach, so I keep on going my hips are complaining, my feet are sore I’m dying for a drink, I keep on going scraped by thorns, I keep on... blood starts flowing, I keep on... insects gather, suck me dry I’m about to die, but I keep on... keep on going, sometimes I’d love to stop keep on going, till I drop I’m not alone as long as you’re with me keep on going, you and me up and down, I keep on... hills and valleys, I keep on... the city streets, are fraught with unease if I’m brought to my knees. I’ll keep on... my plans unravel, I keep on going I develop heart problems, I keep on... my ongoing story, is losing weight I mustn’t be late, I keep on... keep on going... it’ll be ok, I keep on... I’m not going to panic, I keep on... I’ve lost my way, don’t know where I am I may never get home, I keep on... until I get there, I keep on... I’ll be there soon, I keep on... tired and hungry, I may stumble but I won’t fall, I keep on... keep on going... words & music by George Bacon copyright 2021 Cottage Pie Music(BMI)
are they at the door ask them please to wait they got here too fast this moments got to last while I collect myself shall I wear a hat I’ll go quietly when they come for me I’ll be ready as ready as I can with no more bags to pack only the man I’ll smile and thank you no more tears to cry just hold me in your arms kiss me goodbye……..kiss me goodbye but they’re not here yet there’s no time to waste let the music play dance my cares away with a last hurrah pull out all the stops I’ll go quietly when they come for me I’ll be ready…………… words & music by George Bacon copyright 2002 Cottage Pie Music(BMI)
when we’re young, we can’t keep still, but we’ve got nothing to do one day we wake up to find, we’ve got it all to do before we get so old we can’t tie the lace of our shoe we gotta keep moving, moving and a grooving keep on going while we can, we gotta keep moving we gotta keep trying, we gotta keep trying what else are we gonna do, we gotta keep moving in the city they give you time to eat, but no time to digest it all around they’re jostling you, are you being molested you can’t afford to stick around, you might get arrested we gotta keep moving, moving and a grooving up and down all over town, we gotta keep moving we gotta keep laughing, we gotta keep laughing short and tall, one and all, we gotta keep laughing but what is there to laugh about, we are bound to ask we keep laughter in a bottle, or carry it round in a flask you gotta work awful hard these days for that belly laugh we gotta keep moving, moving and a grooving keep on going while we can, we gotta keep moving we gotta keep from crying, while we’re busy dying while I’m with you, the least we can do, is keep from crying words & music by George Bacon 2020 Cottage Pie Music(BMI)


Last summer, Ginny Clee and Simon Edwards offered to help their old friend George record a song he’d recently written. They had never really worked together before, but had such a great time doing so, they decided to record another 4 songs, enough to make up an EP. In the course of their collaboration, George decided that in light of the detailed work everyone contributed he’d feel better sharing credit for the recordings, rather than it be yet another George Breakfast project.
And so the Hilltoppers were born. They like to think of these few songs as musical encouragement and comfort for the elderly, of which we are growing number!


released June 7, 2023

Simon Edwards - bas, percussion, banjo & mandolin
Ginny Clee - backing vocals & percussion
George Breakfast - vocals, guitar, bouzouki & mandolin
Sean O'Hanrahan - piano on Track 2
Recorded at River Fleet Recording
co-produced by Simon Edwards & George Breakfast
all words & music by George Bacon
copyright Cottage Pie Music(BMI)


all rights reserved



George Breakfast London, UK

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