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I wish I’d been born in another time
in the gold rush years back in 49
when the living was fine man you should have been there
a man was a man, a bear was a bear
a dog was a friend, a wife was a lover
and people never drank or killed one another
and everyone believed in the good and the better
there was no divorce, people stuck together
and daddy was king and mama was queen
the rivers ran pure and the air was clean
there was plenty of time to do what you hadda
and now I’m quite mad and I think I’m getting madder
and I wish I was there right now

I love to read all that stuff about the future
space is a place for us to run around in
rocket ships and space stations
we’ll settle other planets and live forever
wont be sickness they’ll wipe out death
everyone’ll look great if they hold their breath
and the pie in the sky will be everybody’s dinner
wont be no losers only winners
you wont have to work, you wont have to hurry
you wont have to think, you wont have to worry
imagine if you can having no imagination
what a relief, just pure sensation
mother nature and high tech bliss
joined together in a perfect kiss

the latest thing is always too late
the minute you got it its out of date
but then again if you’re prepared to wait
it’ll come right back and again its great
so the 30s and the 40s come alive again
the 50s the 60s the rockers the hippies
back in style better than ever
them yesterdays go on forever
and the sun keeps shining and the wind keeps blowing
and the flies keep buzzing all around whats cooking
and hey good looking don’t you get any older
when you keep on looking over your shoulder
and the TV tells you ‘bout the way it never was
and the way its never going to be wait and see
meanwhile we all stay in trim
looking for her or waiting for him
but deep down in everyone
is a little piece of the eternal one

words & music by George Bacon copyright 2003


from Love Will Get The Better Of You, released January 23, 2013
guitar & vocal - George
drums - Ian Pickering
bass - Fabian Bonner
saxophone - Pete Newman
electric guitar - Jono Manson
backing vocals - Bruce Martin, Neil Thomas & Mark Ettinger



all rights reserved


George Breakfast Cambridge, UK

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